Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Zayn Appreciation Post

It's all happening in the One Direction world! First Zayn decided to leave the group, then there were rumours of a solo career, soon after producer Naughty Boy tweeted a link to 'I Wont Mind' (Zayn's new solo track) which was then removed from Soundcloud after Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson has a fight on Twitter. So. Much. Drama. 

It's all very exciting and the fans are divided. Personally, I just hope Zayn is happy with whatever he chooses to do and One Direction carries on making music.

So in honour of Zayn's very mad week I've decided to put together a collection of my favourite looks he's pulled off. Scroll down to see all my wonderful collages!

Are you a One Direction fan? What do you feel about Zayn's departure? Leave a comment!


  1. I have never been a One Direction lover but Zayn has always been my favorite when it comes to looks. So girlish, but hey, that's what I'm a girl for. ;) X

    1. Haha! Yes Zayn always had bomb looks! x

  2. I'm not a One Direction fan but I think he's made the right decision. I think it was brave of him that he took a risk to embark on a solo career not knowing if he would be successful or not. Personally, I thought One Direction would eventually break up at some point because one day the boys would want to do their own projects.

  3. I'm not a One Direction 'fan' meaning that I don't obsess over them, buy the merch, go to the concerts etc. but I do enjoy a lot of their music and find them attractive (if that makes me a fan then I guess I am)! :) I've always thought Zayn and Harry have the best style of all the guys in the group, so I really enjoyed this post. And like you, I hope he's doing whatever will make him happy, he's got a lovely voice with or without a group x
    stop by my blog if you're interested :) xx

  4. As I was about 13 when One Direction had their breakthrough I was a fan, but as time has passed I grew away from them and don't really listen to them anymore.
    I wasn't all that surprised that they split up (At some level) by now. I was just so surprised it was Zayn, I always thought it would be Harry or Liam!

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