Friday, 8 August 2014

Cool Summer (Part 1)

Hi! Today I decided to go for a summer styled look that is perfect for a cooler day. We get plenty of these in the UK so I thought I would show what I wear for this sort of weather.

The first piece is a long-sleeved, casual tee that I picked up at H&M. I was drawn to the earthy, sandy, colour of this shirt. I chose to get this shirt in a size L to make it more comfortable to wear in the summer. It's made of a really thin material so you won't get too hot wearing it.

I paired this shirt with my new Levi shorts that I got at Urban Outfitters. These shorts are from the Urban Renewal collection that recycles old materials and turns them into brand new products. Pretty awesome right?

I finished my look with these slip-on Fred Perry pumps. I chose these to stick with the earthy colour scheme of the outfit. I picked these up at a Republic sale for like £12!

As you can see, there's nothing statement about this look, it's just a fun, casual, summer look that's works great for everyday.

Come back tomorrow to see how I adapt this look for the evening!


  1. Awesome simple and casual look!

  2. I love this look very casual yet classic.

  3. Love it!

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