Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Day At The Beach

As you can probably guess by the title, I'm on holiday! I am seriously loving the break, but I also feel like this is the perfect time to be blogging. The posts won't be as regular though as I've only just managed to find the wifi, and it's not fast!

Today all the family took advantage of the hot weather and went down to the beach. It was awesome and I think I even managed to get a bit of a tan.

My beach look is an excuse for me to wear all my new summer clothes. I have always been a fan of white summer shirts so it was the first thing I picked up at H&M. It kept me really cool throughout the day and felt really comfortable. Although I can't remember the exact price I know it wasn't over £15.

My shorts (also from H&M) are a smarter look for the summer and an alternative to denim. I really love how classy these shorts look and how they dress up whatever you're wearing. Plus, they came pre-rolled up which is always a good thing.

Lastly, I wore carried my blue vans down the beach. Sand in your shoes is the most irritating feeling ever. Carrying your shoes, it's a look right?

p.s. All todays photos were taken with my new camera lens. I am in love with it.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post!


  1. Love this look! Enjoy your vacay!