Thursday, 24 July 2014

Top 10 Summer Essentials

The summer is here and everyone is excited to start shopping for all their holiday gear or just a new summer wardrobe. So for a little bit of fun I've put together my Top 10 Summer Essentials.

Remember this is just my top 10, make sure to let me know if you have any different essentials.

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses to me are the single most important item that you should take on your holidays. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and make you look super-stylish.

Early this year I picked up these wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses at a bargain price.

Not sure what sunglasses to buy? Read my guide here.

2. Fake Tan/Sun Cream

Staying with keeping yourself safe, my second item is always sunblock. Every time you go outside make sure your skin is protected. 

In the same category I have included fake tan. Some people just can't tan, I'm one of those people. Life is so unfair - *cries*.

Anyway, my all time favourite fake tan is the medium tan by St. Moriz. I pick up a bottle for £5, making it a much cheaper alternative to St. Tropez

I always recommend using a mit when using self tanners, they reduce blotchiness and keep the palms of your hands from going orange.

3. Snapbacks

Always a personal favourite of mine, Snapbacks look great and continue to protect your body from the effects of the sun.

Snapbacks became ridiculously popular late 2013 and so you have an unlimited selection to choose from.

Get yourself online and dig out some of last years stock, you might even be able to snatch up something designer.

My two snapbacks of choice are my Killin' It cap from Beauty Forever and my Boy London white cap.

4. Invisible socks

Literally the most genius creation ever made. Invisible socks have changed my life!

Everybody loves the look of wearing shoes with no socks, especially if you're wearing shorts. Only problem is (particularly if you're wearing new shoes) the chance of rubbing and blisters.

Invisible socks protect your feet and designed to hide under your shoe without anyone noticing. I picked up these colourful pair from Primark for £2.00.

5. Espadrilles

Becoming increasing more popular, espadrilles are the perfect summer shoe.

These casual shoes with the jute rope sole will look great with any summer outfit and are amazingly comfy.

I managed to snatch these up these Superdry espadrilles at an unbelievable £3.

Make sure you get yourselves some invisible socks to go with these summer kicks.

6. Florals

I have talked about florals a lot over the last week, but that's because they're so popular. Hats, tops, shorts, shoes everything you can image is being sold with a flowered print.

Have a look around my blog for examples of florals for summer.

7. Duffle Bags

You will no doubt have a lot of thing to take with you this summer, so why not carry them in style.

I recommend buying a nice big duffle bag with a statement print or bold colour for this summer.

My bag of choice is this red Ralph Lauren canvas bag. It can fit the majority of my stuff in and still has room for more.

Laptop, phone, tablet, spare clothes, camera they're all in there!

8. Ripped Denim
Nothing screams summer more than some ripped jeans. They're fashionable and more importantly go with almost any outfit. I recommend buying a nice pair of ripped jeans rather than ripping them yourself as they never turn out how you imagine them.

9. Headphones

Not what most of the fashion blogs recommend but I think that headphones have become an important fashion accessory.

I always prefer a big over-ear pair that you can hang around your neck when you're not listening to your favourite tunes.

I usually wear bright summer clothes with vibrant prints so I decided to pick up a black pair of Sony headphones to add a little balance.

These cost me over £40 but you can find cheaper variants online. I have to buy pricey headphone as I use them everyday and they always break. This is my fourth pair...this year!

10. A Camera

Go out and grab yourself a cheap camera and take lots of photos while you're away! There are tons of websites that create great products from your holiday snaps including canvas art. Otherwise print the photos off and create a scrapbook to remember the sun.

So there is my 10 summer essentials. What are you packing for the summer? Leave a comment!


  1. Great post, all of these are real essentials. I can´t live without headphones during whole year. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
    Fashion Happenss

    1. Thank you, I know I can't live without mine either!

  2. I recently became a fan of espadrilles, though I cannot live without headphones. I always take my iPhone with me everywhere, mainly because I like to take pictures :) thanks for your comment,


    1. Me too, they're really comfy! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Nice pieces ! I like it :) X


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  4. Nice things,they look really good and comfy:))

  5. Love the Boy London cap, I have a sweatshirt that's really similar to it :)