Monday, 21 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Parental Advisory

Today's outfit I think has been my favourite that I've worn for this blog so far. The pieces are all black and white with just the jeans being a light blue to break up the monochrome.

Starting from the top, my snapback is by one of my favourite brands Boy London. I've worn this snapback a couple of times before but I love it so I decided to wear it again today. If you were to recreate this look you could substitute my white hat for a black one for a more subtle design.

The t-shirt I'm wearing is from eBay. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know it wasn't any more than £20. As always, the sleeves have been rolled up to add that finishing touch to the look. The little things make all the difference.

My jeans are a skinny fit pair that I bought from ASOS. I don't usually buy skinny jeans but I was really attracted to the light, bleached colour of this pair. The jeans are super comfy and I think work really well for this look.

The bag is Versace and a present I received for my 22nd birthday. It was a free gift with a bottle of Versace Eros cologne (my favourite) and I absolutely love it! The bag itself is huge and can fit so much stuff in. The holdall is a gunmetal colour and incorporates many zipped pockets for storage. Main thing, it's pretty so I use it a lot!

The last element are my Guess high tops. I found these gorgeous things at TK Maxx and they cost me £40 making them the most expensive item of this look. I was drawn to these shoes because of the metal plate feature on the tongue, something I could see Justin Bieber wearing. The rest of the shoes are a mixture of black canvas material and faux leather. I just love these so much.

I hope you all liked todays outfit. I really loved wearing it and had fun shooting this one. Keep your eyes open to see how I mix these pieces up for future looks!

What do you guys think about todays look? Leave a comment!


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