Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Floral Denim

The weather here lately is very random. First we have a mini heatwave, then it thunders, now its somewhere in-between. Problem is, what do you wear when you have no idea what the weather is going to do. This was my dilemma today.

Because it is still very warm here I decided to do an evening summer look and wear it all day. I started by wearing my new Topman vintage-style, floral print tee that I bought earlier this month. As you can see by the photos, the design is very subtle and from a distance you can't even tell it's floral. This is a floral that the most masculine of men would feel comfortable in, even though they should feel comfortable whatever they choose to wear.

As the weather was unpredictable, I decided to throw on the pride and joy of my wardrobe - the Levi jacket! It's been featured here lots before so click the Levi link to see more posts of me wearing it.

I also decided to wear these harem trousers that I bought from eBay. I originally bought these for dance and performance but they have slowly crept into my everyday wardrobe. At first I was sceptical about buying these because they were extremely cheap and shipped from abroad but my fears have been silenced because these pants are amazing. They're tightly tapered at the lower leg and dropped at the crotch making them both comfortable and fashionable. 

Finally, for a splash of vibrant colour I finished this look with my blue Vans and a blue casual watch.  

What did you guys think about this look? Leave a comment!


  1. Love how you've styled this!

    Saffron x

  2. This outfit is just way too cool! not many ppl can pull off this kind of pants and u definitely did!
    love ur blog. definitelly gonna follow
    greetings from Venezuela