Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Casual Florals

There's been a theme of florals and the american flag on this week. I have to be honest and say that I am seriously loving both designs and am wearing them more and more. 

Today I decided to go with more of a casual look, something that you could wear on a warm day while stopping at a coffee shop and answering a few emails. Perhaps that was a little too specific.

To create this look, I wore my new floral Topman tank top. I really love it because it incorporates printed numbering on the front similar to on a jersey. It adds a nice little edge to the look and keeps it from looking too 'pretty'. It reminds me of something Miley Cyrus would wear.

To smarten up the look I threw on a plain, grey cardigan that I picked up from Primark. I believe that a cardigan is an essential item that can complete any look at a bargain price. I picked mine up for under £10! Also from Primark, I added various indie-style bracelets to add an extra touch.

My jeans are also from Topman and they are a skinny-fit design that I think work really well with my Guess high tops. I tucked the bottom of my jeans into my shoes and left the shoes laces loose to create a super-casual look.

Finishing the look, I carried my american flag design macbook bag. I picked this up in a sale once at Republic and can finally use it now I have a mac. This proves that if you look hard enough you can pick up a fashionable laptop case without lugging around one of those clunky things from PC World.

I really enjoyed wearing this today, I hope you all liked this look. Also, sorry that the pictures are so shady, we didn't realise they would come out so dark.

What have you guys been up to today? Leave a comment!


  1. I actually like your style. I don't see/know a lot of male bloggers out there besides Jim Chapman. Glad I found you :)

    Arianne |