Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hot or Not: Scrabble Rings

Something that I really love is when people are creative enough to take something considered an 'everyday item' and turn it into fashion. Scrabble rings are just one example of someone's creativity being turned into art.

You don't have to look very far to pick one of these rings up, Etsy or eBay are flooded with them at very cheap prices. I'll include an eBay link at this post so you can pick one up.

I remember first seeing Pixie Lott wearing one in her Turn It Up music video and wanted one ever since. I bought this one last year but have just got round to blogging about it.

These rings are fairly unisex and just a little bit of fun that can add that little bit of personality to an outfit. By buying one you're supporting smaller independant sellers so everybody wins!

What do you guys think about Scrabble Rings? Leave a comment!

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