Monday, 2 December 2013

Lets talk about ARK!

Hey guys, so today I'm going to talk about a really cool store called Ark. This store has a unique mix of both well known brands such as Superdry and Religion Clothing as well as pieces from their own label. Ark now has 10 stores across the UK and lucky for me one in Sheffield where I live!

Their new range of sweaters, jumpers and jackets are really stunning and perfect for the colder months that are fast approaching. So today I thought I'd pick a couple of my favourite pieces from ARK's latest collection, who knows you might see some great Christmas pressies! Ok lets go!


My first piece that took my eye was this web exclusive Sweatshirt by Fly53. I'll be honest, I'd not heard of this brand before I had a good look through Ark's collection, but I have found a love their designs. This design mimics the infamous Playboy Bunny with a grungy twist incorporating a skull into the design, and we all know I love my skulls!

I love that someone has taken the time to design something completely unique from the rest of the market. I love how the colours pop on this shirt against the duller olive canvas. Remember this is an online exclusive so don't go looking in the stores for this one!


The next design from Cloak and it's pretty safe to say that I'm in love with this one! This baseball themed tee has 3/4 sleeves with a stripe design running down the body in a classy maroon colour. Oh and I forgot, it's 100% cotton.

With the great look and amazing quality we would expect this shirt to have a heavy price tag. So I was very surprised to see that it was only £19.99! If this isn't a steal I don't know what is!

If the girls want to buy a guy a fashionable Christmas present that they'll love you can't go wrong with this! Guys love sports, it's a winner.


Now we move on to a brand that I have loved for years, Criminal Damage. This is from the brand's newest collection and a must have for Autumn/Winter.

There's just so much going on with this shirt. Firstly, a strong floral print covers the body of the sweatshirt along with a bold 23. This shirt is a Miley Cyrus meets Topman combination. Leave a comment if you agree!

The sleeves and back of the sweatshirt are plain black to contrast the vibrant front design. This shirt is definitely for the more confident shopper as it is very bright and statement piece. However, I really love this shirt and think it will look awesome if worn properly.



Next up is every fashion bloggers must have item this year, a faux fur hooded parka. Every other blog I've read is talking about these classic jackets. This is by Pop Boutique from their A/W collection.

This jacket incorporates multiple pockets as well as the essential fur hood that everyone wants.

If you're on a budget this is perfect at it retails at an inviting £49.99.


However, if you have a little extra to spend you might consider this gorgeous parka by Fly53 (I'm starting to really love this brand).

This is a pricier at £124.99 but has the added bonuses of a removable hood, drawstring waistline, padded lining throughout as well as looking awesome.

No lie, I have my eye on this.


Next up is something that everyone should have in their wardrobe without exceptions, a gilet. This one I picked out is made by Ark designed especially for winter.

I included this because it's simple and practical. It's design is classy and can be worn with practically anything as well as being Sherpa lined to keep you warm on the cold days.

Yes love it. Also, if you browse their site you can find the brother to this gilet with the colours in reverse.


Last up is this super, knitted jumper made by Cheap Monday. Everything about this jumper is ideal for winter. The colours are dark and warming, the pattern soft and comfortable.

This is an item that you could wear casual and smart depending on what you choose to wear it with.

For a casual look throw on some old jeans and an oversized beanie before heading out. For a smarter twist, get out your black leather jacket and smart trousers and you're good to go.

These are just a few of my favourite looks, for the full collection you need to head to the Ark website. The company has been a pleasure to work with so I highly recommend you head over and check out their designs.

Ssssssshhhh. Don't tell anyone, but if you use the voucher code CYBER25 you'll get 25% today!

What's you're favourite piece from Ark? Leave a comment!


  1. I really like Ark too ^^ one of my fave labels is Hearts and Bows which they sell at Ark :D

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  3. Woah! I love these threads! So much, I'd tailor & wear them myself ;D Looking forward to your future posts!

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  4. There are two weeks ago, I had several problems my orders from ARK :( !
    I was really dissapointed by them. Fortunatly, they gave me my money quickly. X

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