Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Topman Haul

Hey there! So today I decided to wear all my brand new clothes in one go. There's nothing better than going out in all new stuff, it makes you feel a million dollars. The problem was that all my new clothes were from the same store!

Anyway, first on the list is my brand new sweatshirt that I picked up at Topman. I spent a while walking around with this wondering whether I should buy it or put it back on the rail. My concern was that it was too loud and in your face but I finally decided to take a risk and buy it. After wearing it I know I made the right choice.

What I really like about the shirt, apart from the unique lines and mesh effect, is that the design on the sleeves is made of polyester which gives the shirt an extra texture. It appears more expensive than it actually is because it feels and looks like someone has spent a lot of time and effort designing it. At only £15 in the sale, this was a steal.

Moving down to my trousers. I picked these up assuming that they were jeans, but how wrong I was! They are actually bleach wash joggers made from 100% cotton. They are so comfy to wear and such an attractive colour. I seriously love wearing these when I go out. These were also £15 in the Topman sale. Seriously, if you haven't checked out their sale do it now. Yes now.

I think we have all learned that I love Topman, but I couldn't wear an outfit where everything was from the same store. So I paired my outfit with my Levi canvas shoes. I think it all worked really well together.

What did you guys wear today? Leave a comment!

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