Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Sober Is Sexy

Hello October! Is it me or is this year just flying by?! Anyway, I'm back today to do the first Outfit Of The Day of the month. Try saying that fast!

So this is technically my outfit of yesterday because my internet was crashing last night so I couldn't upload anything. Which actually worked out really well because all it has done today is rain. I mixed a lot of different brands in my look so I'll break it down from top to bottom.

If you recognise my Snapback then you will have been following my blog from the very beginning because this was in my very first blog post! It's by Beauty Forever the fashion line by one of my idols Jeffree Star. Mine is the first edition of the Killin' It Snapback and it's one of my favourite hats because of the floral design under the peak.

Next is the staple piece of the look my t-shirt from Sober is Sexy. I must have been inspired by internet celebrities because this is from Hanna Beth's collection. This shirt is a limited edition 4th of July variation of the original logo tee. It was a pair of lips with an American flag could I not buy this?!

My denim jacket has also made an appearance in a previous blog but still remain one of my must have pieces. It's made by Levi and I bought it from a vintage store for £20, I know! Simply roll up the sleeves to style it up for the streets.

Lastly, the joggers are from H&M and have a speckled design running throughout. They are a simple pair of jog pants but remain a steal as I only paid around £12. I think they work really well with the look.

Lastly, I wore my tartan designed BK high tops. If you follow me on Twitter (which you should) you will know that I went on the hunt for some new shoes. They're coming in the post soon so stay tuned!

Off topic, did you all see Britney's new video for Work B**ch?! OBSESSED!

What plans do you guys have for October? Leave a comment!

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