Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DIY Skeleton Sweatshirt

Hey guys! So today I am doing something completely different to any post that I've done before, a D.I.Y tutorial. I love to read tutorials but I have never had the confidence to do one myself. This said, I'm trying something very simple that is perfect for Halloween, a skeleton sweatshirt.

For this project you will need:

1. A plain black sweatshirt
2. White fabric paint
3. A paintbrush
4. A rib cage design/stencil
5. Tailors chalk
6. An iron

You may need some extra items depending how skilled you are, but I'll be sure to highlight them as we go along.

To start, take some tailors chalk and begin to trace or draw out the collarbones and sternum. Try to make the sternum central as it will become the centre of the design and guide where the ribs will go (as well as being where the bone actually is).

When it comes to drawing the ribs that connect the sternum, it helps to measure how far apart the three ribs will be. I measured the centre of the ribs at 1.5 inches and 0.5 inches wide, see above.

It also helps to use a ruler to align the ribs with the ends of the collarbones. Although the design doesn't need to be perfect, it helps to keep everything roughly the same width apart.

When you've finished the three ribs connected to the sternum, draw five more ribs with the final three connected. Last thing to draw is the spine that becomes wider as you go down. You can use a ruler to draw a line down the middle of the shirt to keep the spine straight. Depending on your chosen design, it may look slightly different to mine when finished.

When you're happy with the design the fun part begins. Paint over your design using a medium sized brush. You can also use a smaller brush around the edges to keep everything neat and tidy. If you're jumper is elasticated at the bottom, you can use a small piece of wood to stretch the fabric so the paint doesn't crack when drying.

Wait for your design to dry and add an extra coat if needed. For my design I used two coats that when finished gave a dull grey colour. The whiter you want the design, the more coats you paint. When you're happy leave your paint to dry overnight. In the morning it should look something similar to the photo above.

The very last step is to seal the paint into the fabric and make the design permanent. Turn the sweatshirt inside-out and iron for 4-5 minutes on the COTTON setting. Keep at a medium heat making sure that you cover all the paint.

When you've finished wait a few moments for it to cool and you're done! I am seriously thrilled how my shirt came out. The best part is that it doesn't have to be perfect, in fact it looks better if it isn't. I had a lot of fun making this and it's perfect for Halloween. However, I think I'll be wearing this when I go out!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did let me know in the comments and I'll make an effort to do more.

What are you planning to wear for Halloween? Let me know!


  1. that's a really cool idea ^^ think i might give it a go, thanks so much for sharing

  2. This is really cool! For Halloween I was a devil/spider women person.

    Please check out my blog, it would mean a lot as I have hardly any followers or page views at the moment.

    -Charlotte xoxo