Friday, 6 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Photobombed

Well that was just rude. I attempted to take a professional and high quality outfit of the day and somebody decided that they wanted to be in the picture.

Today was a super casual type of day. Everything I wore was literally thrown together. My Rolling Stones t-shirt I bought from HMV. HMV is not the first place I rush to buy my clothes but this was a total find. I stumbled across it by accident when I was crying over the price of Beats headphones. I picked it up for £15 which for a band tee is really good value.

I was looking for something to wear to a 70s party and this was just what I wanted. Obviously, my t-shirt isn't vintage but it is styled to look that way. I rolled up the sleeves and grabbed a scruffy pair of jeans and my Vans.

As I mentioned, while I was shooting my dog Brooklyn decided that he wanted to be involved. He wouldn't let me take anymore pictures after that.

Do you like/own any band tees? Leave a comment!

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