Thursday, 5 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day: I Am Miley Cyrus

We all know that I am loving Miley Cyrus' new style. So I thought I would try it out myself. I'm not going to lie, I had a little too much fun shooting this look.

Miley's new look is very distinctive and is designed to grab people's attention. I've often seen her wearing a basketball jersey or something extremely skin-tight (we all saw the VMA's).

Lets start at the top of my look. My beanie I found on eBay after I saw a few celebs wearing them. I only spent £11 compared to the $69 LARap beanie. I really love the XXX design on the rim as it adds an edge to the look. I think Miley would approve.

Now, we need to take a moment to discuss my necklace. I decided to wear a necklace from Galibardy which is one of my favourite jewellery stores. What really attracted me to buy the necklace was the double chain effect. Plus, it's made out of mixed-metal which made it loads cheaper than gold. If you ever need costume jewellery or something a little bit different make sure you check them out!

My favourite part of the look is the jersey-style vest designed by Fenchurch. I bought this at the same time I purchased my perfume bottle vest. It said 'Rude' on the front, I had to have it. It only cost £15 so it didn't last very long in the store.

My joggers are SoulCal and I wear them all the time. I bought them from Republic when I saw that they had a multicoloured, mottled design. All I had to do was roll up the bottoms to keep in with the urban style.

Lastly, another pair of BK high-tops. These are my second pair that have a tartan-style pattern on the upper heel. These are such a comfortable shoe to wear, I definately recommend investing in a pair especially as I got them in a sale for £20.

I hope you all liked my Miley Cyrus inspired look for today.

What do you guys think of Miley's new style? Love or loath?

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