Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Bottle It

Posting 2 days in a row...what is happening! I told you I was on a blogging mission!

Today is the first outfit of the day that I've done in a while so I decided to go for a casual, everyday look before getting into the really crazy styles (just wait until you see tomorrow's post).

Let's start from top to bottom. My bomber jacket is one of my favourite things in life. It's made by Red Herring and I bought it in Debenhams for around £30. I saw Cheryl Cole wearing a similar jacket and knew I had to have one. I really like it because it's a piece that you can wear for both dressing up and dressing down.

Under my jacket is a vest top that I bought with some of this years leftover birthday money. I saw it in Manchester from Bank and knew I had to buy it. I have a little obsession with perfume bottles so Fenchurch must have designed it with me in mind. I think the design is really classy and different to the generic styles that you find on vest tops.

My jeans are from my main jeans supplier, ASOS. They are a great pair of jeans that are wide at the waist and slowly taper down to a tight ankle. These are just a basic pair of jeans to make my vest the focus piece of the look. I buy a lot of jeans from ASOS because I feel that they have a variety of exciting styles that also look great when they're on.

Lastly we come to the shoes. These are British Knight high-tops that I bought from for £20...yes I said £20. They might not be the most famous brand of shoes but they still look awesome. The design are very similar to converse but with a much cheaper price tag which is fine with me!

There we go. I hope you all liked this look, I really felt comfortable wearing it today.

What are some of your favourite places to shop? Let me know in the comments

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