Friday, 20 September 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Birds

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! Today I decided to take my camera out and shoot an Outfit Of The Day because I am seriously loving my new sweatshirt.

I went shopping last week when my mum began to waft this sweatshirt in front of me. Usually me and my mum are polar opposite when it comes to clothes, if she likes it I usually don't. However, this was one of those strange occasions where we were both going "ooooooh, I like that!"

So where did I find this magical piece of attire? I found this little treasure in H&M on a sale rail for £9. I should update my CV to professional bargain hunter!

The sweatshirt has a bird design on the front (I think it's a swallow, leave a comment and let me know) that covers the entire body of the shirt as well as the top of the shoulders. The birds are flying in different directions and are beautifully coloured. I thought the birds looked very similar to the swallow tattoo that everyone is getting at the minute, which initially drew me to buying it.

The material is very thin meaning it is perfect for wearing in warm weather if you are tired of wearing t-shirts. However, because the material is so thin I wouldn't wear it out in cold weather. The shirt was created to be fashionable not to serve a warming purpose, which is totally cool with me.

I decided to pair my new sweatshirt with some new joggers I bought recently from Republic. They are made by Jack & Jones and are my new favourite pair of joggers. They are a mottled grey design with the logo beautifully presented on the left leg. They only cost around £15 so I'm considering them a bargain too.

So that was today's outfit. I have had such a busy week and cannot wait to have a relaxing weekend. It's all lies, I will be extremely busy this weekend. I have an exciting post coming soon about a certain jewellery company...stay tuned!

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