Tuesday, 3 September 2013

I Got A New Camera...

I'm back!!

So as you may have seen, my blog has been very quiet over August. My only excuse is that I needed a holiday after leaving university so I assigned myself a month off. However, the month has gone and I feel refreshed and excited to start writing again.

I needed a break to decide what direction I wanted my blog to take. I spent a lot of July blogging about celebrity fashion, and don't get me wrong I love writing about celebs, but my blog is called London Mckenzie and so it seems silly not to include more of myself in my posts. Because of this I have decided to post more of what I wear and the clothes I like to buy rather than what I can't afford.

Which leads me to the exciting part of my story! I realised that if I was going to take my blogging life seriously, the quality of my blog had to increase. That meant spending more money than I earn on a sexy new camera. As you can see, I am really loving my new toy and can't stop taking photos with it...sorry. #selfieoverload

So this is where I need you guys to talk to me. What direction do you want me to take my blog? Should I focus more about celebrity fashion or include more of myself in my blog posts? Leave me a comment and let me know!

To leave on a great note, here are some photos with me and my sexy new camera!


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