Saturday, 20 July 2013

Welcome To


First of all, welcome to my brand new site. This will be where I'll be doing all of my blogging from now on. I took a little bit of time away from writing to decide what I really want to do but I've realised that blogging is what I should be doing so here I am.

I've been blogging for a just over 2 years now starting out on Buzznet and finally ending up here. I loved my time on Buzznet as I learned so much about the blogosphere and connected with lots of amazing bloggers who helped me to become a more confident voice. I'll still post on Buzznet (you guys haven't got rid of me yet) but the majority of my content will be here. 

My new plan is to regularly update this blog with fresh and interesting content that I hope everyone will enjoy reading. I also plan to explore new areas of blogging such as tutorials and vlogging...all to come.

So...yeah I hope you enjoy your time here and leave me lots and lots of comments. Thanks guys :)

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