Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hot or Not: Rihanna's Tiger Print Jersey

So I was just browsing PerezHilton.com and I came across a post about Rihanna breaking down in concert. It was what she was wearing that grabbed my attention however.

While singing her hit single Stay, Rihanna was photographed wearing a tiger print hockey jersey.

image from PerezHilton.com

I think by now we're all used to the pop star wearing all kinds of sporty attire. Don't get me wrong, I think it suits her really well. I'm just not sure about the bright yellow and black stripes.

RiRi sure does like her tiger print though. She was snapped last month in some striking tiger print shorts with another sport styled crop-top.

Well if anyone can pull off eye-popping prints, it's Rihanna

What do you guys think? Hot or Not?

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