Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hot or Not? Rihanna's See-Through Top

Well I think we can all agree that Rihanna certainly isn't shy anymore.

Rihanna's fans in Stockholm saw a lot more of  her than they were expecting as she left her hotel in a see-through top. The bra-less Rihanna grabbed everyone's attention as the fans could clearly see everything under her white mesh t-shirt. Well, if you've got it...and she most definitely has!

This story came to my attention on Twitter where fans were clearly confused with Rihanna's wardrobe choice. Many fan's thought she had merely forgot her bra where others were horrified when they realised it was a conscious decision.

This wardrobe choice really doesn't surprise me. Rihanna has dabbled with see-though clothes before, she's just showing more and more each time we see her. We all saw her video for S&M, we kinda knew what was coming next.

Good for you RiRi, I wish more people had your confidence!

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