Friday, 21 June 2013

Stranded Apparel: SS13 Part One

"We want to do things the right way. With on-going development, we thought out designs and an even newer website on the way, we want to grow as a brand and progress gradually, even learning from our mistakes."

You all know by now that I love independent clothes stores and many follow me on Twitter! So you can imagine my excitement when Stranded Apparel announced their new Summer collection, SS13 Part One.

Stranded Apparel pride themselves as being a brand that's trying to make and do something different. However, the problem facing many independent stores is the 'just another brand' stigma that's become difficult to shift because of the ever growing competition. 

"We're not one for copying a trend that's for sure. Patterns such as tie dye and Camo have been ether overused or not cleverly reinvented by other brands. They're just in it for the quick profit in my opinion. Our designs have that edge of simplicity, whilst being bold at the same time."

Their new designs are hand screen printed to create a high finish which makes the bold colours really pop. I really think that quality is key to the success of a brand and Stranded have really stepped it up a gear!

The last amazing thing is that for every single purchase 10% goes straight to Crisis and Shelter. Knowing that your money will be put to good use is a great feeling. 

SS13 Part One has now launched and all of the designs are available for purchase. So what are you waiting for? Go and check em out!!