Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Product Review: Iced Rainbow Jewellery

It wasn't long after I opened my package from Percy Cute Clothing that the postman delivered another present for me, this time it was Iced Rainbow Jewellery. Best week ever!

Iced Rainbow were awesome enough to send me a bracelet from their collection. I received the black and white shamballa twist bracelet. Shamballa jewellery is seriously hot this year so I was more than happy to rock this bracelet.

The bracelet is perfect for both guys and girls because of the unisex design and also being fully adjustable. I think the bracelet will look awesome with a chunky watch or other colourful bracelets but you should experiment to find out what suits you.

Other items in the collection that I really love include; the 'Judas Cross Bracelet' and the 'Cross Skull & Onyx Rosary Necklace' but you guys should check out the full collection.

A massive thank you to Iced Rainbow and also to Becceropolis for taking these amazing photos.

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